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Oswaldo Díaz Medina


Born in Lima, Peru. 
At the age of 12, Oswaldo participated in a Peruvian dance group, where he trained for several years.
Between 1998 and 1999, he worked as an actor in numerous theatrical productions. Both artistic disciplines led Oswaldo to directing.
In 2005, Oswaldo graduated in Communications from the University of Lima.
In 2006 he completed a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Production at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 
Since 2009 Oswaldo lives in Berlin, where he finished his studies in film directing at the German Film and Television Academy of Berlin - DFFB.
Between 2014 and 2020 he participated as a videographer for various art and architecture exhibitions
at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, including the production of the music video BERLIN_
2020, BIG CITY IN TRANSITION, co-produced by the University of Texas, USA.
In 2016 Oswaldo released YOUKALI, his first feature film, which participated in five international film festivals. 
Since 2018 he has been developing SELFIE, his first feature documentary film project, this time in Odisha,
India. Its release is scheduled for 2025.
In 2022, Oswaldo's autobiographical screenplay,

THE PLANET HUACHIMAMORA, received funding for screenplay from the German Federal Government's Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM). 
Since 2024 Oswaldo has been developing this new feature film project as an international co-production.


2001 - Peru

A girl stays home alone just with her puppy. But meanwhile she sleeps, someone else will prepare an unexpected end.

Cast: Melania Urbina

Cinematography: Alvaro de los Ríos

Shortfilm / Horror / 5' / 16 mm

The Last Dinner
2002 - Peru

Alejandra will be inducted by ghosts into the house where she was originally born. There she will find out how her family was slaughtered by terrorists as she was a baby.


Cast: Karen Spano, Rosa Wunder, Elí Miñano

Cinematography: Alvaro de los Ríos


Shortfilm / Horror / 16' / 35 mm

DVD 2.jpg
Half an hour
2011 - Germany

Adam tries to help Gio after this one got fired. Slowly, both colleagues will deeply fall into a dark journey of violence and manipulation. 

Cast: Bozidar Kocevski / Thomas Kolasa

Cinematography: Richard Marx

Medium-length film / Suspense / 45' / HD


Behind the door
2012 - Germany

Alex visits a darkroom, where he finds out by himself, the reasons why he would never find the love he expects. 

Cast: Bozidar Kocevski / Janet Rothe / Hans Hendrik Trost / Agnes Krasznahorkai

Cinematography: Richard Marx

Medium-length film / Experimental drama

44' / HD / ©dffb

YOUKALI, a world for foreigners
2016 - Germany

Kenny (31) from Sri Lanka tries to further his career as a musician in Berlin. 

He rents a spare room from Rola (80) who lives alone in a big house on the outskirts of Berlin.

In living together these two completely different individuals experience, besides all prejudgements, an unexpected magical connection.

Cast: Kenebert Stanley / Rola Radsey / Tatjana Novikova / Ulices Flores / Komet Bernhard / Jean-Denis Römer

Cinematography: Paul Rohlfs

Producer: Tara Biere

Feature film / Drama / 73' / HD 


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